A Troublesome Priest Transferred.

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A Troublesome Priest Transferred.

Post by Currie » Tue Sep 24, 2019 9:05 am

From the John o' Groat Journal, etc (Wick), Friday, January 23, 1852.

GREENOCK PAROCHIAL BOARD.—A BIT OF SCANDAL.—At a meeting of the Parochial Board of Greenock, held on Tuesday last, the exposure of a Roman Catholic clergyman, while located in the West of Scotland, was brought out in the report of a committee. The name of the reverend delinquent is Priest Scanlan, who has gone to America, leaving the parish saddled with the maintenance of two illegitimate children. Scanlan was stationed first in Duntocher, then in Glasgow, and subsequently in Hamilton. Since he left, he sent the woman, whose name is Johnston, at one time, £2 10s., at another, £5, on which she subsisted till January, 1846, when she applied to Bishop Murdoch, who has assisted her till within a few weeks since. She went into the service of the Rev. Mr Maloney in May, 1842. The Rev. John Scanlan was officiating there during a portion of the year in the absence of Mr Maloney, and an intimacy of an improper nature sprung up between him and the young woman. At the end of the woman's term of servitude she went to Greenock, and, under the assumed name of Mrs Brown, wife of an engineer in a deep-sea steamer, took lodgings near to the harbour in the house of a woman named Hooson. The soi-disant "Mister Brown," the engineer, was only occasionally "at home," and when he came he never remained over one night at a time. The children are admitted to have a legal claim on that parish.

The Glasgow Mail carried a very much longer version of events, including names, dates and places, and transcriptions of the letters “Mr Brown” wrote to the young woman. If anyone is interested I’ll post the whole kit and kaboodle. A very sad story.


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