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Campbell and Lunny

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:55 pm
by DawnC86548

I am trying to track down the marriage record or something similar of John Campbell and Mary Lunny. John was from Scotland and Mary was from Ireland.

John would have been born around 1777 and Mary would have been born around the same time.
The earliest record that I have of them is the baptism record of their daughter, my 2 x great granddaugher, Elenaor Campbell at St. Andrew's in Glasgow.

John spent time in miliary (according to family lore) and meet Mary in Ireland.

Any suggestions would be great.


Re: Campbell and Lunny

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:11 pm
by Russell
Hi Dawn

I just noticed that no-one had got back to you about your posting. As soon as a poster says 'Ireland' some hearts sink because of the paucity of records in Ireland. even our most experienced researchers have problems.
Have you any other information that might help e.g. a birthdate for daughter Eleanor. Do you have an OPR for that. It might give even a hint.
Does your family lore suggest a regiment for John ? Lots of regiments spent time in Ireland and some of the military websites have lists of when each regiment was there.
Did they survive to become a statistic on the 1841 census ? I dread to think how many John Campbells appear on the census.
If you can add to the data e.g. were there other children ?
if so Where and when were they born ?
Did either of them survive past 1855 when Statutory Registration began ?

Just some ideas to begin the process of breaking down this particular wall.